One Life

Find the Meaning of Life!

Apostolics of Beirut

There is a life changing experience when encountering The Lord!

Throughout this lifetime we spend a lot of time trying to map out our own life in the way in which we believe it should go.  Many times our life is just simply not what we think it should be.  We might be discouraged, depressed, hopeless or just hungry for more of God.  So when we give our life completely to the Lord and live it according to His will, that’s when we find true peace, joy and happiness in life.  Our relationship with the Lord becomes intimate, becomes personal. We find that we can finally begin to know the Lord as he desired us to. We find that he will begin to commune with us daily, guiding us, directing us on a more perfect path.

If you are hungry for a more personal relationship with the Lord, please visit us at our next service or fill out this form today for a Bible study.

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